Vc Funding Boosts Global Growth For Berlin-based Bitcoin Startup – Forbes

4 Risks Bitcoin Must Overcome – Yahoo Finance

Based in Berlin, Bitbond offers an alternative source of finance for small businesses and individuals who struggle to raise funds via traditional means. It plans to use the capital investment to build a team of programmers, improve its platform functionality and intensify its marketing activities. Commenting on their successful funding round, CEO and co-founder Radoslav Albrecht said this was a sign of growing interest from VCs in the cryptocurrency.

WASHINGTON: Digital currencies such as bitcoin carry ‘significant risks,’ feds warn | Economy | McClatchy DC

In that sense, the bull market is more sustainable because there hasn’t been one sector driving it.” Debate swirls in the canyons of Wall Street about how long the market rise will last. Almost hourly, some analyst is predicting an imminent correction. Some economists think the loose Federal Reserve monetary police has artificially propped up the market and will lead to a sharp downturn.

The signs it’s time to pull out of Bitcoin investment

The advisory also notes that paying taxes on digital currencies can be complicated. New guidelines that the Internal Revenue Service issued in March treat digital currency as property for U.S. tax purposes, meaning its subject to federal income-tax withholding and payroll taxes and that users must report their virtual gains and losses on their returns. Consumer advocates welcomed the advisory as a step toward further regulation of virtual currencies.

Wall Street: Whose bull market is it?

Bitcoin might be the best investment opportunity in a generation; if these risks are realized, bitcoin may soon be just a memory. Disclosure: At the time of this writing, David Smith has a long bitcoin position and owns So Whats Bitcoin? See more from Benzinga 2014 Benzinga does not provide investment advice.

Bitcoin is still a young and fickle currency, so at what point do you bow out with your profits in tow? According to a new report, a spike in searches for Bitcoins can be a good predictor of an imminent crash in its value. By studying the web activity and social media chatter generated by Bitcoins, a group of Swiss computer scientists have come to the conclusion that four key variables govern the way the virtual currency behaves. First is the size of the user base; second is the number of searches for information; third is the amount of information shared; fourth is the price.


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