The Signs It’s Time To Pull Out Of Bitcoin Investment

But how do you know when to cut and run? Bitcoin is still a young and fickle currency, so at what point do you bow out with your profits in tow? According to a new report, a spike in searches for Bitcoins can be a good predictor of an imminent crash in its value. By studying the web activity and social media chatter generated by Bitcoins, a group of Swiss computer scientists have come to the conclusion that four key variables govern the way the virtual currency behaves.

When Payment Processing Becomes A Commodity | TechCrunch

But the real implication as with any form of value chain disruption is the probability of payment processing becoming a commodity. A catalyst for a commoditization of payment processing is the introduction of cryptocurrencies and new payment protocols like bitcoin and Ripple , which renders clearing obsolete and dramatically lowers the transaction cost for merchants. As a comparison, the transaction cost for payments through Visa/Mastercard/PayPal is ranging between 3-5 percent depending on the transaction size. The transaction cost for bitcoin on the other side is as low as 1 percent with continuing efforts to reduce transaction fees from the bitcoin community . To accelerate the development Bitpay recently announced removed the transaction fees on the starter plan, offering free unlimited payment processing to merchants accepting BitCoin. With eBay considering integrating bitcoin into PayPal and Apple reentering bitcoinwallets like Blockchain into the App Store cryptocurrencies as a default payment method becomes an alluring option for profit-seeking merchants looking for cost effective solutions.

‘Fast Money’ Recap: Geopolitical Pressures Weigh on Stocks – Yahoo Finance

Kelly said Groupon’s recent business ventures aren’t relative to the core strategy and cost a lot of money. Management is also failing to execute, he added, before saying he is not a buyer of the stock. Adami said the earnings report wasn’t great but a 16% selloff seems overdone. Disney reported strong top- and bottom-line earnings results. Finerman said investors had already priced in a good earnings report, which is why the stock isn’t moving too much. Management continues to do a great job but the stock appears a little expensive compared to its historical valuation. Adami said Disney “might be the best-run company in the U.S.” He added the stock trades with a high valuation but the company continues to “grow into” that valuation over time. Kelly bought shares of BlackBerry , reasoning the CEO continues to execute the turnaround plan. He added that the stock should have a good second half of 2014 and could get over $12. Nathan disagreed, saying the stock is not a buy at current levels.

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