‘fast Money’ Recap: Geopolitical Pressures Weigh On Stocks – Yahoo Finance

Management continues to do a great job but the stock appears a little expensive compared to its historical valuation. Adami said Disney “might be the best-run company in the U.S.” He added the stock trades with a high valuation but the company continues to “grow into” that valuation over time. Kelly bought shares of BlackBerry , reasoning the CEO continues to execute the turnaround plan. He added that the stock should have a good second half of 2014 and could get over $12. Nathan disagreed, saying the stock is not a buy at current levels. Adami suggested BlackBerry looks good on the long side, with the downside being limited to $9 and having upside potential to $10.50 or $11. Nathan said shares of Whole Foods Market have been crushed since its growth has slowed. However, the call option buying activity is very short-dated and doesn’t seem to fit the normal pattern of an activist investor getting long the stock via options. It’s likely only traders playing the rumor that hedge fund manager Carl Icahn may get involved in the stock. Finerman added that WFM may be a good pick for an activist investor but the stock is not cheap enough at current levels for most of them. Bob Carter, senior vice president of automotive operations for Toyota Motors , was a guest on the show. If you want a “snapshot of consumer optimism,” just look at the auto market, he said.

Libya: Waste, Fraud Erase Billions in National Wealth – Businessweek

This too tends to lead to a rise in the nominal value of Bitcoins. Trouble is, these can often be just spikes. The topics of online chatter frequently rotate, and interest can plummet as quickly as it generates.

The signs it’s time to pull out of Bitcoin investment

He shared an apartment with a friend who worked as a reporter for the New York Times and CNN. Night after night after work he watched footage of the street battles fought by militias who had little training in warfare, but all the equipment of a modern army. In the homes of friends and business associates, he saw heavy machine guns, grenade launchers, and shoulder-held antitank missiles. He left soon after, for good. These are rockets used in war, he says. They have them stored in their houses. So if these people get pissed, what will they do with it? In the last few months, the Libyans have been finding out.

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