12 Sf Obsessions New York Hasn’t Discovered Yet — Nymag

‘Fast Money’ Recap: Geopolitical Pressures Weigh on Stocks – Yahoo Finance

Not for a while. Oculus is still not widely available, and living in Brooklyn is kind of its own virtual reality. Hinge What it is: A dating app that connects users to friends of their friends, and sends each person a short biography of the other when they match. (“George went to Princeton. He works at Google, and lives in Mountain View.

Wealth managers enlist spy tools to map portfolios

Karen White, left, president and chief operating officer of Addepar, a wealth management company, and its chief executive, Eric Poirier, at company headquarters in Mountain View, Calif., July 16, 2014. Read More: 8 Stocks George Soros Is Buying in 2014 Kelly said Toyota Motors should continue to benefit from the yen, but its hydrogen fuel cell car is unlikely to be the “Tesla killer.” Adami said he would rather be a seller than a buyer of Toyota as it approaches a huge double-top, which a bearish technical pattern. James Stewart, a columnist at The New York Times, was surprised by Twenty-First Century Fox’s decision to withdraw its bid for Time Warner . Typically, FOXA management has a history of paying a premium for the companies it wants but appears to be acting conservatively at the moment. This “no-deal” seems good for consumers, Steward concluded. Adami said Time Warner is a buy near current levels, but it might decline to $72. Chris Garabedian, CEO of Sarepta Therapeutics , said his company has a potential treatment available for the Ebola breakout, if the government were to ask for it. The company has lost some key management figures but Garabedian said the current management remains strong and focused.

I thought that money would have been better spent collecting all the weapons in the country, he says. I thought, Were not going in the right direction. As months passed, the system of cash giveaways by the central government became institutionalized, with paymentseasily exceeding $20 billion in totalbeing distributed to the general populace of Libya but also additionally to anyone who claimed to have fought or been injured in the revolution. While many of the so-called revolutionaries had only a distant connection to overthrowing Qaddafi, they formed the core of the militias, which set themselves up as permanent fixtures in Libyas cities in place of the army and the police, whose members had been sent home or jailed for collaboration with Qaddafi, regardless of whether they had actually done anything wrong. Anyone could stop you on the street and ask you for identification, Farkash says. Out of fear, he usually complied. The militias began fighting each other for territory and for the cash payouts from a central state authority that was effectively held hostage as billions of dollars per month were drained from its treasury.

Libya: Waste, Fraud Erase Billions in National Wealth – Businessweek

He went on to build out Palantir’s commercial business, managing risk for things like JPMorgan Chase’s portfolio of subprime mortgages.

Jim Ross: Investors looking for fixed income

Jim Ross, SPDR ETFs Global head, discusses investors' rising use for ETFs and their move into fixed income. Ross also weighs in on financial advisors.

There were plenty of parallels between the two worlds, but instead of agencies, spies and eavesdropping satellites, finance has markets, investment advisers and portfolios. Both worlds are full of custom software, making each analysis of a data set unique. It is hard to get a single picture of anything like the truth.

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